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Teeeeckets and RAIN

So I got mine. To Atlanta, needless to say. Very, very excited, though the fact that the show is still 5 freaking months away dampens it a bit, lol. I think I've spent more money on Joshly things in the past two weeks than I ever did the first time I was obsessed with him. That's the nice thing about working full-time, I suppose. The sweet moolah. But doing school AND work full-time is going to be a shock to the system, I'm afraid.

It rained ALL FLIPPING DAY TODAY. I was stuck in a room all day with 10 stir-crazy toddlers and it was mostly UNFUN. When I got home and my mom asked me how my day was, I looked at her for a minute, said "It rained ALL DAY," and stalked off. Lol...now that I've had an hour or so to be in my happy place, I feel much better. All I can say is this: no matter how creepy they are, I thank God every day for the Wiggles.

Did some photoshopping the other night, and sucked much less than I expected to. Still a lot to relearn, though. Here are a few icons I came up with (from the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer...I just love Rachel Hurd-Wood, ever since Peter Pan):

Kind of awkward and somewhat bland, mostly because I was too cowardly to break out the text. Maybe next time, lol.

If anyone is interested, or are fans of the books A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray or Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I have a few somewhat current fics over at FF.net, as well as a single chapter Firefly/Serenity one (not because it's a oneshot, but because I never added to it after the first chapter...0.o). You can find them here.

I know I'm probably flattering myself to think that many people will see this after being gone so long, but to all of you lovely sweet people who are kind enough to still drop by, y'all are the best! :D


Nov. 17th, 2006 04:17 am (UTC)
Right now I have classes from 9:30am to 6:15 pm on Monday's and Thursdays. You aren't registered yet? Because... I think priority registration just ended. Drop/Add's not too bad though, esp. for night classes.

I'm finishing up my core Science classes this semester, and they both use the same book. If you're in Science 1101 or 1102 you can have my book. I know I'll never get around to selling it online and it's probably worth about a buck at The General or the KSU bookstore. (BTW, do NOT buy any books at the KSU bookstore, go to the General Bookstore, just down the road. KSU is a total rip-off) AND I'm in the Human Growth and Development class right now, so you can have that book too, if they don't change it. :) And I pass and get my recomendation so I don't have to retake it... but I think I'm good. :P Algebra I did in joint-enrollment. I only have ECE math left. :D I might be taking that History tho! I'm registered for it now. Right after my icky PE class, so I was thinking about dropping it so I'd have a break, but I might just put off the PE class some more...

Yeah... you should check out the pics of Amy on facebook. It's really scary!!

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